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Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization technology reduces costs, increases access to applications, and simplifies IT management.

► Virtualization reduces planned and unplanned downtime and minimizes revenue loss.
► Server consolidation helps reduce investment and operating costs.
► Reduces your investment and operating costs by increasing energy efficiency and less hardware by means of server consolidation.
► Simplifies business continuity for your infrastructure by providing simplified disaster recovery solutions.
► Virtualizes business applications (SAP Business Suite, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, SAP) to maximize service levels and performance by leveraging critical enterprise applications including Databases (Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase).

When switching to virtualization technology, find the appropriate software; you may experience difficulties such as choosing the right server, data storage and network infrastructure.

Taking advantage of the unique field experience of Data Sistem, you can create a virtualized virtualization strategy with VMware and Hyper-V solutions.

Cabinet Design

Physical storage of system room equipment and easy operational conditions at the same time,
Server cabinets are the most important reasons that provide the necessity.
In addition, Active / Passive distribution cabinets are also equipment that should be considered.
Closed and open body rack cabinets equipped with high-weight frame construction, perforated design that creates high cooling dynamics, vibration and anti-shake supporters guarantee your high budget sensitive systems.

Vizyon Design Professional Datacenter solutions are designed to provide efficient operation, minimum operating costs for domestic and foreign passengers operating in our country and in the world, specially designed cabins (such as ESTAP, 3El) to provide the strength of heavy loads. is intended to provide protection from dust and mechanical impacts.
We can say that we have implemented and developed projects in our projects as a whole of our domestic cabin manufacturers ESTAP brand Hot, cold aisle applications, closed cooling systems, manageable, measurable and traceable socket modules, cabinet and datacenter management and monitoring systems.
Professional cable management, special cable trays and pans, KVM swivels and consoles and all the materials you can use in your Datacenter can be supplied and projected by our company.

► Hot Corridor, Cold Corridor Applications,
► Insulated Cold Corridor,
► Insulated Hot Corridor,
► Application of Perforated Door for Cold Corridor (Open - Closed),
► Circuit Cooling Solutions (Sequential and direct Cab cooling), Server Virtualization

Air Conditioning

”Free cooling“ technology is used in Data Center air conditioning. Ud Free cooling med is an economical air conditioning method that makes it possible to use the low air temperature in the outdoor environment for cooling the water used in air conditioning. ”Free cooling“ infrastructure in the data center,

RC Chiller (outdoor water cooling units)
Precision RC air conditioners (indoor units) for air circulation inside the data center
It consists of pumps that provide the necessary pressure to transport water between these two units.
Hot air in the data center trapped in hot air corridors 30-35 ° C is absorbed with sensitive air conditioning units and cooled down to 16-23 ° C with cold water from chiller.
The cooled air is directed directly to the cold air inlets of the server systems.
In winter, this process is carried out with natural cold air without using the compressors of the chiller units in the outdoor environment, saving up to 70% in energy consumption.

The entire air-conditioning infrastructure is designed as N + 1 redundant.

Power Solution

Vizyon Design; It provides integrated solutions with the expert team in the field of generator systems which are in need of enterprises and institutions. It also provides customized solutions for the planning of the capacity calculations with regard to expectations of the customer, taking into account the prospective expectations and planning of the generator synchronization with UPS.
Vizyon Design develops projects with generator brands sold in our country.
The preferred systems are designed by selecting the brands and models that can operate for many years in the enterprises.

Consideration when configuring the generator system;
• Capacity and brand selection,
• Control and Synchronization modeling,
• Automatic Transfer Panels
* Sound Isolation and Protection Systems
* Exhaust and Silencer Systems
* Fuel Systems
* Cooling Systems

Vizyon Design In the generator systems, minimum fuel consumption, low noise and emission with respect to the environment, after-sales service issues, as well as providing added value after-sales support, our systems for many years in the best way our customers are planning to work smoothly.

Structured cabling
The structured cabling system is a structure that allows the management and management of a building's sound, data, images and various building management systems (such as cameras, burglar alarms, security inputs, fire alarms, energy systems, etc.).

Fiber Optic Cabling Systems F / O
F / O Cables are widely used in the construction of Building Spine Systems and Campus Spine Systems. All kinds of data, audio and video data are transmitted in light mode via these systems. Fiber Optic Systems consists of two different categories according to the transmission of light. These are Multimode (MM) and Singlemode (SM) systems.

Local Area Network (LAN)
Local Area Network Solutions, which include many concepts ranging from small office applications designed for a small number of users to structured cabling to wireless solutions, must be designed and implemented with a very rigorous approach to ensure this integration.
Vizyon Design is in the service of its customers with 'high performance' Local Area Network Solutions which reflects its knowledge and experience.

Wireless (Wlan)
Nowadays, many systems using 'wired communication environments' are installed; due to the special situation of the application space; (cabling structure to be a historical work, the structure of the land making it difficult to pull the cable, mobility needs, etc. '' Wireless solutions are made.
Today's state of the wireless; is the complement and support of the wireless system.