vizyon design


In the free market economy, time and costs gained importance with increasing competition. The use of internet was the most important beginning on this page. You can execute our business processes and use the required application software.
Our information systems have become vulnerable to the global Internet cloud. An open table for preventing blurring.

According to the law no. 5651 published by the Telecommunications Authority Communication Presidency, internet providers will be held responsible for all activities that the internet users will be allowed to use on the internet.
Within the framework of this law, our company provides logistic software that will provide internet security as a whole together with Log Management software developed by the group company and provides project independent and turnkey delivery of brand independent (Juniper, Cisco, Cyberoam, Sophos, Labris, Fortinet etc.).

a) Internet Security
- Firewall
- Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS-IDS)
- Content Filtering
- Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection
b) VPNs (Virtual Private Networks)


Vision Design Penetration Testing Services are the first steps of proactive security to be controlled and reported by a third eye on the security vulnerabilities of the owned information systems.
Human nature cannot always realize the deficiencies in the systems it manages, and there is always the possibility that something may be overlooked.
The number of hackers, information skills, time and motivation that attack malicious systems on the Internet are always above the knowledge, time and motivation of security experts. If we divide information security basically into two, one of these is defensive security, which we call defensive security, and the other is offensive security, which we can call proactive security. Pentest work is the result of an offensive security approach. Penetration testing is the name given to the whole of the process of infiltration by trying every way that is possible to the information systems determined by the customer and approved by the customer. The purpose of infiltration tests is to assess the openness beyond finding the security gap and to obtain authorized access to the systems. There are three generally accepted types: whitebox, blackbox, graybox. Pentest and Vulnerability assessment are similar but different concepts. Weakness scanning is the process of detecting and reporting security vulnerabilities in the target system using various software. The purpose of the Pentest study is not only to identify security vulnerabilities, but also to identify additional operations (access to database information, infiltration into the system) that can be performed on target systems using these openings.

Penetration Test Types
Web Application / Service Penetration Test
-Research Code Review (Source CodeReview / Auditing)
-Wireless Network Penetration Testing (Wireless PenetrationTesting)
Network Infrastructure Tests (Network PenetrationTesting)
Social Engineering Penetration Test
- Local Network Penetration Testing (LAN Penetration Testing)
-DDoS Attack Tests (DDoS Pentest) IT AUDIT / Audit Services