vizyon design

Information Security Policy

Vizyon Design; Our aim is to provide the information security of all physical and electronic information assets used in the realization of information services in order to maintain the image of our company and the image of the authority it represents, to ensure compliance with the third party contracts and to ensure that the basic and supporting business activities of our company continue with the least disruption.

Within the framework of risk management, risk management is defined, evaluated and processed.
Risk assessment, risk isolation and risk process plan demonstrate how information security risks are controlled. ISMS Management Representative is responsible for the management and realization of this plan. As Vizyon Design, I hereby declare that the "Information Security Policy" is supported by the management and control of the execution and enforcement of the Information Security Policy.

To ensure that the activities are carried out effectively, accurately, quickly and safely, to comply with all customer requirements and legal obligations, to be aware of the risks on the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of all kinds of information belonging to our company, customers, suppliers and business partners and to manage these risks, Continuously raising the awareness of information security throughout the company and creating a high awareness of information security in the field of information security, making it a system that continually improves, evolves and does not allow new risks by systematically addressing information security.

We commit.