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Structured Cabling

The structured cabling system is a structure that allows the management and management of a building's sound, data, images and various building management systems (such as cameras, burglar alarms, security inputs, fire alarms, energy systems, etc.).

Fiber Optic Cabling Systems F / O

F / O Cables are widely used in the construction of Building Spine Systems and Campus Spine Systems. All kinds of data, audio and video data are transmitted in light mode via these systems. Fiber Optic Systems consists of two different categories according to the transmission of light. These are Multimode (MM) and Singlemode (SM) systems.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Local Area Network Solutions, which include many concepts ranging from small office applications designed for a small number of users to structured cabling to wireless solutions, must be designed and implemented with a very rigorous approach to ensure this integration.
Vizyon Design is in the service of its customers with 'high performance' Local Area Network Solutions which reflects its knowledge and experience.

Wireless (Kablosuz- Wlan)

Nowadays, many systems using 'wired communication environments' are installed; due to the special situation of the application space; (cabling structure to be a historical work, the structure of the land making it difficult to pull the cable, mobility needs, etc. '' Wireless solutions are made.
Today's state of the wireless; is the complement and support of the wireless system.