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Bulk Email Solutions

You can send messages to unlimited mail account. You can use your shipment at one time or part-turn at specified times.

Bulk Mail / Bulletin Management
It's easy to send thousands of e-mails to your users or users in your address book at one time.

Bulk E-Mail solution is provided with a professional email marketing software.

In this solution number; You can send your advertising or information messages to your users in your address list at any time, and you can follow the feedbacks instantly via mail reporting.

Packages and Prices

Bulk SMS Solutions

Looking for more customers or more sales solutions for your business?
The most important feature that distinguishes successful companies from their competitors is that they can reach more customers in a certain time. Start using Bulk SMS service immediately, the most economical and memorable way of communication to reach more customers today. Shoot target 12!
97% of incoming messages are read in 4 minutes. Provide this high-level target with Vision SMS service. Create your corporate or individual subscription immediately for free.

Easy-to-Use Interface
Vision SMS service; With the easy web interface that can meet all your needs, start using the username and password from your mobile phone during the free membership and immediately start using it.
Different Platforms
Vision SMS service with your username and password;
Web interface,
Mobile application,
Desktop program,
API / Software integration,
You can access the Excel plugin.

Licensed Operator, Eligible Tariffs Vision scope as backup SMS interconnection with all GSM operators in Turkey has a direct connection. Thanks to this interconnection, it offers the most appropriate tariffs and package rates in bulk SMS service to its subscribers.