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Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services provides access to data of many companies, individuals and institutions with high success rate in every situation of data loss in computer, digital camera and video, mobile phone and any kind of recording environment. 1997 to present our company to provide continuous improvement in this area, it is currently carrying out the largest investment made in this area in Turkey stock and more than 30,000 discs clean single room in Turkey (cleanroom) has had. It is mandatory that Class 100 (Class 100) clean room must be used if the discs need to be opened. Otherwise, the invisible dust on the disc accumulates on the disc and thousands of broken sectors are formed within a few minutes and the data is significantly damaged.
The reason for the high success rate of the discs brought to our company for data recovery purposes is to carry out all operations carefully without any damage to the disc and to use cleanroom in cases that require disc opening.
Data recovery technologies in terms of the latest developments in the world, hardware and software closely following our company, competent data recovery engineers are always ready to help you. We are able to intervene in any capacity, environment, file system and operating system from the smallest data storage media, such as memory cards, to the high capacity data warehouses such as SAN / NAS, with the technology, experience and knowledge we have.
When you review companies that serve in this area, data recovery stands out as the additional work of almost every company; Data recovery services also suggest that the main areas of activity of the companies, mostly in the field of informatics. Our company operates as the only professional data recovery laboratory in Turkey with investments in this area.
With 30,000 Donor Disk, you can safely recover your data and do it in forensic computer recovery.
In this way, it is possible to follow closely the continuously developing hard disk and other recording media.
With the "On-site Recovery" service, which we recently started, it is now possible to get the data recovery service at your current location. You can contact us for detailed information.
If your data is important in terms of confidentiality, urgency and business continuity, you can rely on our company that has been carrying out this business successfully for about 10 years.

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