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Security Camera Systems

We design our HD, Full HD, IP Network and Wireless Camera System products according to your location and share them with you in a cost effective manner.
In these products, we inform you by choosing the security system suitable for your space from the proven brands in the world.

Encrypted and Card Access Systems

Encrypted and Card Access Systems Card coded access systems, which are used in order to provide high level of security for both employees and customers, provide a great advantage in terms of providing day-end reporting as well as providing security needs.

In this way, in the workplace where our system is located, it is aimed that the security of the unauthorized persons shall be controlled and any security breach shall not be caused.

It is possible to ensure your security with the encrypted and carded access systems which are quite convenient with the control of the entrances in the places where everyone in the workplace is not free.

Biometric Recognition Systems

Biometric systems are presented to your needs as a highly developed and reliable system which aims to determine the physical characteristics of people such as face recognition system in the area they are presented.

It doesn't require any card, password, or password, so it's safe to use as one of the most reliable entry systems. The system, which allows for the passage of the physical characteristics of the person, provides maximum security by minimizing the possibility of a possible breach of security as the person is required to be present there.

With our Biometric services specialized in many areas such as fingerprint reading, iris recognition, face recognition, retina reading, it is also possible to guarantee the safety factor which is one of our most basic needs.

Fire Alarm Systems

We are at your service with the fire detection systems which are developed in order to detect the fire as soon as possible and cause possible loss of life and property.

In addition to the safety of your home and workplaces, one of the biggest dangers of this serious situation, which involves the safety of you and your loved ones, is the rapid spread and serious damage. Therefore, the short duration of a possible fire situation is very important. Because in some fire situations, the time of internal combustion is faster and shorter than the glare period, while it makes the fire difficult to be noticed.

Plate Reading Systems

Thanks to the plate recognition system which is used in many areas by means of controlling the entry of the vehicles, it allows to determine the necessary information from the license plates of the vehicles. In this way, it is possible to prevent possible security problems and ensure your security by means of input and output control of vehicles. We provide a much safer and more systematic mechanism by eliminating the necessity of using a control or input card at the inputs and exits of the vehicles. Since it is a very fast and convenient system, it decreases your waiting time considerably by reducing unnecessary vehicle traffic when used in areas where the vehicles have high outlets.
Not only the plate reading, but also the vehicle's photo, model and color, such as access to the necessary information is provided. In this way, the system is very convenient in case of loss or stolen, such as the vehicles you want to ensure the security of the entry allows you to prevent.

Alarm Systems

Especially when you want to make your living spaces safer, especially alarm systems provide security usage. Systems that will be used for different purposes warn against the possible security problems. In this way, especially in the case of theft, fire, flood in many different situations such as the introduction of systems can be intervened.

After the installation of the system in a short time, ready to use delivery is provided. In this way, the alarm system is activated in any situation that may occur according to the system's features.